Do you have a screenwriting question?

In the 7+ years I’ve been hosting this blog, I have received a lot of questions. Via email, Twitter, and here at GITS. I have tried to provide my thoughts in response to all of them which has resulted in a nifty free online resource which you can access here — over 300 questions sorted by category (e.g., Business 101, Characters, Film Industry, Format).

The really cool thing is because of the quality people who frequent this site, the resulting discussion for each question oftentimes provides even greater insight into the subject at hand. So if you have a question related to screenwriting, TV writing, or writing in general, there’s a good chance you will find some solid information in archive linked above.

However if you have a question you can’t find an answer to in the archive, feel free to post it in comments. Or if you prefer to be anonymous, you may email me, and we can handle it that way.

I should note when I provide feedback to a question, it is my opinion, I do not claim it to be Truth From On High. However my opinions are informed ones as I’ve been at this for nearly 30 years and my involvement with the blog and the Black List has afforded me a unique connection to the business.

So if you have a question, let me hear from you. Or just browse through the archives. And if you have writing associates or a writing group, spread the wealth by sharing this link: Go Into The Story Reader Questions.

And as always… Onward!


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